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Thesis and Lecturing courses

  1. ''M. Sc. Thesis: 2
  2. ''Ph. D. Thesis: 1
  3. ''Courses: 11 ''

Papers in procedings

  1. ''II-VI wide band gap semiconductor compounds under hydrostatic pressure'', ICTP-preprint (1993) [(src*), (.ps*)]
  2. ''Surface States of CdTe (100)'', La Habana, Cuba (1993)[ (.pdf)]
  3. ''Two-dimensional bulk bands and surface resonances originated from (100) surfaces of III-V semiconductor compounds'', CLACSA VIII, Cancún, México (1994)[(src), (.ps)]
  4. ''Structural and electronic properties of Po under hydrostatic pressure", A. Rubio--Ponce, J. Morales, and D. Olgu\'in, P.E. Hoggan et al. (eds.), {\sl Advances in the Theory of Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics}, Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics {\bf 22}, Springer (2011).
  5. ``A Review on the Empirical Calculation of the Electronic Band Structure of the Valence Band of the Ideal (001) Surface of the III-V and II-VI Semiconductor Compounds", D. Olguin, R. Baquero, and R. de Coss, A. Conde-Gallardo {\it et al.} (eds.), in {\em Advaced Summer School in Physics 2011, CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico, D.F., Mexico}, AIP Conf. Proc. {\bf 1240}, pp. 169-174 (2012).
  6. ''Total Energy Study of the Microscopic Structure and Electronic Properties of Tetragonal Perovskite SrTiO$_3$", A. Rubio-Ponce and D. Olguin, I. Hernandez-Calderon {\it et al. (eds.)}, {\sl Memorias de LDSL 2011}, Telchac, Yucatan, Mexico, May 22-25 (2011), \\ {\bf Journal and date to be confirmed}.
  7. ''{\it Ab initio} study of the structural and electronic properties of osmiun under high pressure", A. Rubio--Ponce, D. Olgu\'in, and R. de Coss, T. Kosmas {\it et al.} (eds), in {\sl IC-MSQUARE 2012: International Conference on Mathematical Modelling in Physical Sciences, September 3-7 (2012), Budapest, Hungary}, Journal of Physics: Conference Series {\bf 410}, 012049 (2013).

Contributed papers

  1. ''Origin of the -4.4 eV band in CdTe(100)'', Phys. Rev. 50, 1980 (1994) [(src), (.pdf)]
  2. ''(001)-surface-induce bulk states and surface resonances in II-VI zinc-blende semiconductors'', Phys. Rev. 51, 16 981 (1995), (.ps), (.pdf)]
  3. ''Local density of states of II--VI ternary alloys in bulk and surfaces: an application to ZnSe${1-x}$Te$_x$'', Rev. Mexicana de Física 45, 271 (1999) [*]
  4. ''Temperature and isotopic mass dependence of the direct band gap in semiconductors: LACO calculations'', physica status solidi b 220, 33 (2000) [(.pdf)]
  5. ''Electronic band structure of II-VI quaternary alloys in a tight-binding approach'', Rev. Mexicana de Física 46, 249 (2000) [(.pdf)]
  6. ''Effect of pressure on direct optical transitions on gamma-InSe'', physica status solidi b 221, 777 (2000) [(.pdf)]
  7. ''The band gap of II-VI ternary alloys in a tight-binding description'', Rev. Mexicana de Física 47, 43 (2001) [(.pdf)]
  8. ''Optical studies of gap, hopping energies, and the Anderson-Hubbard parameter in the zigzag-chain compound SrCuO_2'', Phys. Rev. B 63 165105 (2001)[(.pdf)]
  9. ''Electron--phonon effects on the direct band gap in semiconductors: LCAO calculations'', Solid State Commun. 122, 575 (2002) [(.pdf)]
  10. ''Effect of pressure on structural properties and interband transitions of $\gamma-$InSe'', phys. stat. sol. b 235, 456 (2003) [(.pdf)]
  11. ''Electronic band structure of (001)--semiconductor surfaces: the frontier--induced semi--infinite--medium states'', Rev. Mex. de Física 49, pp. 1--5, 2003 [(.pdf)]
  12. ''Frontier induced semi--infinite--medium (FISIM) states at surfaces and interfaces'', E. Physical J. B 32, 119 (2003) [(.pdf)]
  13. ''Structural and morphological properties of Tio$_2$ thin films prepared by spray pirolisis'', Rev. Mex. de Fisica 50, 387 (2004).
  14. ''X--ray absortion nuclear near edge spectroscopy at the Mn K-edge in highly homogenous GaMnN diluted magnetic semiconductors'', P. Sancho-Juan, A. Cantarero, G. Martínez-Criado, D. Olguín, N. Garro, A. Cros, M. Salomé, J. Susini, S. Dhar, K. Ploog, physica status solidi, 243, 1692 (2006). [(.pdf)]
  15. ''Effect of pressure on the structural properties and electronic band structure of GaSe'', U. Schwarz, D. Olguín, A. Cantarero, M. Hanfland, K. Syassen, phsyics status solidi b 244, 244 (2007). [(.pdf)]
  16. ''Electronic band structure on the CdTe(001) C(2x2) reconstructed surface: ab initio study in terms of the slab size'', D. Olguín, Rev. Mex. de Física, 53, S7, 194-197 (2007).
  17. "First principles study of anatase and rutile TiO2 doped with Eu ions: a comparison of GGA and LDA+U calculations", A. Rubio-Ponce, A. Conde-Gallardo and D. Olguín, Phys. Rev. B 78 , 035107 (2008). [(.pdf)]
  18. "X-ray absorption near-edge structure of GaN with high Mn concentration grown on SiC", O. Sancho-Juan, A. Cantarero, N. Garro, A. Cros, G. Martínez-Criado, M. Salomé, J. Susini, D. Olguín, and S Dhar, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 21 , 295801 (2009).
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  20. ''Extended X--ray absorption fine structure in Ga1$_{1-x}$Mn$_x$N/SiC films with high Mn content'', O. Sancho--Juan, A. Cantarero, N. Garro, G. Mart\'inez--Criado, M. Salom\'e, J. Susini, D. Olgu\'in, S. Dhar, and K. Ploog, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 83}, 172103-1, 172103-4 (2011).
  21. "Electronic band structure of the Pt(111) surface: an ab initio and tight-binding study. I", H.J. Herrera-Suarez, A. Rubio-Ponce, and D. Olguin, Computational Materials Science 56, 141-146 (2012).
  22. H.J. Herrera-Suarez, A. Rubio-Ponce, and D. Olguin, "Electronic band structure of the platinum low-index surfaces: an ab initio and tight-binding study. II", Rev. Mex. de Fisica 58, 46-56 (2012).

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