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Calibración de un detector simple y portátil construido para medir conentraciones de sustancias biológicas (ECOS)

Desarrollo de un detector para medir concentraciones de sustancias biológicas

Construction of a low-cost detector to identify dissolved metals in aqueous media by fluorescence spectroscopy: design and perspectives

Study of the silicon drift detector performance with inclined tracks

A Basic Positron Emission Tomography System Constructed to Locate a Radioactive Source in a Bi-dimensional Space (pdf)

4kV electrostatic accelerator construction

Front end electronics and first results of the ALICE V0 detector

Results from beam tests of large area silicon drift detectors

Energy resolution of a silicon detector with the RX64 ASIC designed for X-ray imaging

A silicon strip detector coupled to the RX64 ASIC for X-ray diagnostic imaging

Silicon strip detectors for two-dimensional soft X-ray imaging at normal incidence

X-ray imaging with a silicon microstrip detector coupled to the RX64 ASIC

Recent results from beam tests of large area silicon drift detectors

Correction of dopant concentration fluctuation effects in silicon drift detectors

Characteristics of the ALICE Silicon Drift Detector

Beam test of a very large area linear silicon drift detector

Laboratory and test beam results from a large-area silicon drift detector