Welcome to the Physics Department of Cinvestav
Cinvestav is a public organization dedicated to teach, promote and develop science. Cinvestav was created in 1961, as a public institution with own juridical status and own resources. The founding director was Dr. Arturo Rosenblueth who promoted a high academic quality that resulted in the success of the institution. The Physics Department is one of the founding departments of Cinvestav.

The Physics Department has currently 49 faculty members working on a wide variety of research topics including: Mathematical Physics, High Energy Physics, Solid State Physics, and Statistical Physics.


We aim to contribute to the generation of knowledge in both basic and applied research in Physics, competing, confronting and collaborating with the best research centers worldwide. We also aim to be a school for the formation of students with high leadership for teaching at a graduate level and for original research in both science and technology, with the goal to contribute to the scientific and technological progress, nationally and internationally.


To establish that we are an institution at the world class level that for the quality of fundamental and applied research, and for its infrastructure will deserve ample reconnaissance national and international, and that will produce high level researchers as well as knowledge of the highest quality, hopefully with an impact in our society. To continue in our path towards the generation of ideas and the academic life that fosters them.

Academic Life.

The Physics Department is characterized by its high quality in both teaching and research. The two are linked by the very active participation of students in the academic life of the Department. The constant interaction between students and faculty is one of our defining features. There are regular plenary talks, more specialized group seminars, but also discussions in the halls. We also benefit from regular visits of well-known scholars from all over the world. The result is a lively academic atmosphere that can be demanding, but also friendly. Amenities include a very pleasant weather, a coffee shop next to the library, an affordable cafeteria, a football field for both play and exercise, nice gardens. Lodging can be easily found at affordable prices close by. In the summer, we offer a school (Advanced Summer School), with invited guests and local faculty giving conferences as well as a tour of our laboratories. This offers an opportunity for students to know our community. Depending on availability, there are supporting funds for this and other academic events. At last, we emphasize the importance of our "entrance school" (in spanish "propedeuticos") that helps selecting and supporting students from different areas and different backgrounds to join us in our research efforts.

Escuela Avanzada de Verano 16-20 julio 2018

Escuela Avanzada de Verano 2018