Beyond Standard Theory Group is dedicated to the study of models for physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics. The interest of the group covers a diversity of topics, non totally independent but usually interrelated, ranging from phenomenology to model building on almost any potential new physics that may shade light on the Fundamental Problems of the Particle Physics world.

Group Members

Abdel Pérez-Lorenzana 
Group Leader
Rodolfo Ivan Rodríguez
Group Member ( INAOE, Cosmology )
José D. García
Group Member ( I.P.N., XD Models and QFT )
Juan Carlos Gómez-Izquierdo
Group Member ( I.P.N., Neutrino Model Building )
Diana Carolina Rivera
Group Visitor ( Colombia, Neutrino Phenomenology )
José German Salazar Arias
Ph.D. Student (working on Models for Cosmology)
Edgar Luna Terrazas
Ph.D. Student (working on Neutrino Mass Models)
Jorge A. Venzor Valdivia
Ph.D. Student (working on Cosmological Models)
Eduardo Becerra
Ph.D. Student (working on LIV phenomenology)

Former Students & Posdocs
Ivan Heredia de la Cruz
M.Sc. Student   (2007)
Jorge Martínez Ortega
M.Sc. Student   (2007)
Daniel Wegman
M.Sc. Student   (2007)
Juan Carlos Gómez-Izquierdo
Ph.D. Student   (2009)
Rodolfo Ivan Rodríguez     
Ph.D. Student   (2012)
Roger José Hernández-Pinto
Ph.D. Student   (2012, currently at U. de Sinaloa )
José D. García-Aguilar
Ph.D. Student   (2017)
Diana Carolina Rivera-Agudelo
Ph.D. Student   (2017)
Humberto Martínez
Ph.D. Student   (2017, currently at U. of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Omar Pedraza
Posdoc 2008/09
Azucena Bolaños
Posdoc 2009/10
Liliana Vazquez
Posdoc 2016/17

Research areas

Neutrino masses and mixings
Extended Symmetries
Particle Physics in the Early Universe
Neutrino mass Models
New Gauge Symmetries
Models for Inflation
μ↔τ Symmetry
BSM Phenomenology
Baryo and Leptogenesis
CP violation
SUSY Models
Dark Matter & Energy
Models with Extra Dimensions
XD Model Building
XD Phenomenology

BeST Links
The Neutrino Oscillation Industry
Inspire Group notes & papers
Neutrino Meetings
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