October 29, 2010: Experience in the International Science, National Week of Science, Science and Technology Council of the State of Tabasco and Technological University of Tabasco, Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico (in spanish).


October 25, 2010: Experimental High Energy Physics and Technology Development, National Week of Science, Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Comalcalco, Comalcalco Tabasco, Mexico (in spanish).


June 2, 2010: B Spectroscopy at the DZero Experiment, MENU 2010, Williamsburg VA, USA.


August 28, 2009: B Spectroscopy at the Tevatron, FPCP 2009, Lake Placid NY, USA.


June 24, 2008: ATLAS Results from Heavy Flavour Physics, BEACH 2008, University of South Carolina Columbia, USA.


June 6, 2008: Review on B Baryons, Annual Meeting of DPF, Mexican Society of Physics, Mexico D.F., Mexico.


April 8, 2008: Recent Results on B Spectroscopy at the Tevatron, DIS 2008, University College London, UK.


July 19, 2007: DZero Results on Properties of Excited and Heavy B-hadrons, Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, Manchester, England.


September 6, 2006: Hyperon polarization in a quark-quark scattering model, SPIN 2006, Kyoto Japan.