Courses are a fundamental part of a formation as a Particle Physicisit.


The core topics of the masters programme at our department are

  • Classical Electrodynamics
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics and
  • Statistical Physics

    In addition to approve courses on them, our masters students are required to elaborate a master thesis on a subject of their interest, under the supervision of one of our faculty members. You can find more information on the Admissions webpage .

    Theoretical PhD

    Theoretical High Energy PhD students will benefit from the formative courses on

  • Quantum Electrodynamics [Autumn-Winter term],
  • Phenomenology of Electroweak Interactions [Spring-Summer term],
  • Advanced Topics of Quantum Field Theory [Autumn-Winter term].
    While we offer other specific courses such as
  • Strong interactions [Spring-Summer term],
  • Supersymmetry [Spring-Summer term],
  • Group Theory [Autumn-Winter term].

    Additionally, we have launched a Program of Minicourses to cover trends in particle physics. World leaders of the field will be invited to CINVESTAV for such purpose.

    Theory students are required to take QFT1, QFT2 and QFT3, encouraged to take Supersymmetry and of course the minicourses that could be appealing to them.

    Experimental PhD

    The group has an important experimental activity and students pursuing this branch will be required to take the courses EPP, QFT1 and the minicourses that could be appealing to them. The basic courses for Experimental Particle Physics we offer are

  • Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics

    Medical Physics

    Medical Physics is also a related research to Particle Physics, we have an specific programme on Medical Physics .

    Department of Physics CINVESTAV-IPN Av. IPN 2508 Colonia San Pedro Zacatenco Mexico City 07360