Dr. Yuri G. Gurevich, Professor,

Physics Department, CINVESTAV---I.P.N.,
Mexico, D.F.

Permanent Office Address:
Depto. de Fisica,
Av. Instituto Politecnico Nacional 2508,
Col. San Pedro Zacatenco,
Apdo. Postal 14--740,
Mexico D.F., 07000,

Phone: (525) 5747-3826
FAX: (525) 5747-7096
E-mail: gurevich@fis.cinvestav.mx

You can take a look at my Curriculum Vitae.


Science Degree Topic, Place, Year Thesis
Master of Science Theoretic Physics, Kharkov State Univercity, Ukraine, 1965 Nonlinear Propagation of the Electromagnetic Waves in Semiconductors
PhD Solid State Physics, Institute of Semiconductors (Academy of Sciences of USSR, Leningrad, Russia, 1968 Theoretical Research on Propagation High-Amplitude Electromagnetic Waves in a Solid State and Gas Discharge Plasmas
Doctor of Science Semiconductor and Dielectric Physics, Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics Academy of Science of the USSR, Moscow, Russia, 1980 Electrons and Phonons in Bounded Semiconductors in Temperature and Electric Fields
Acadamic Title of the Professor Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Ministry of the Education of the USSR, 1987

Yuri G. Gurevich