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Roig Garcés
December, the 8th, 1981
Valencia, Spain
Mexican and Spanish
Departamento de Física, Oficina 36-B
Centro de investigación y estudios avanzados (Cinvestav) del Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN)
Av. Instituto Politécnico Nacional 2508, Col. San Pedro Zacatenco, 07360,
México D.F., México

+(52) (01) 55 5747 3800 ext. 6151

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Ph. D. Univ. Valencia (Spain) 2010
Researcher (staff), Physics Dept., CINVESTAV (Level 3D and SNI Level III)
October 27th, 2014

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Master and Ph. D. Theses Proposals

Lepton universality tests and searches for new physics
Lepton flavor violation, neutrino nature and mass generation
Hadronic vacuum polarization contributions to aμ
Hadronic light-by-light scattering contributions to aμ
Rare hadronic tau decays
Precision studies of frequent hadronic tau decays and corresponding radiative corrections
Effective field theory analyses of new physics
CP violation in heavy meson and tau decays
Inclusive analyses of hadronic tau decays and determination of αS, ms and Vus

Ph. D. Theses (Co)Advised

Andrea Lami (Universidad de Valencia, España, 2016) Codir. Jorge Portolés Ibáñez Thesis (pdf)
Adolfo Guevara (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2017) Codir. Gabriel López Castro Thesis (pdf)
Javier Rendón (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2021) Thesis (pdf)
Marcela Marín (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2022) Thesis (pdf)
Álex Miranda (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2022) Thesis (pdf)
Iván Pacheco (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2022) Thesis (pdf)
Enrique Ramírez (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2022) Thesis (pdf)
Fabiola Fortuna (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2023) Thesis (pdf)

Ph. D. Theses of other collaborators

Sergio Lennin Tostado Robledo (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2017) Thesis (pdf)
Michel Hernández Villanueva (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2019) Thesis (pdf)
Jorge Luis Gutiérrez Santiago (Cinvestav-IPN, México, 2022) Thesis (pdf)

Agradecimientos y reflexiones por el premio de la AMC

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