Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencia de Superficies y Vacio A.C.
XX Congreso Nacional de la SMCSyV

The following list corresponds to the contributions to the  11th-ICTF

included in the special volume of Thin Solid Films, those not listed were rejected.

0 Session First Author Title
  I.02 K. Eberl Preparation and Optical Properties iof Ge and C-Induced Quantum Dots
28 I.03 Y. Yasuda Interfacial Reactions of Ti and Zr/SiGe/Si Contacts by RTA
9 I.04 T. Ishikawa In-situ E-beam Proc. for III-V Nanostructures
71 I.07 H. Hoffman Influence of Local Inhomogeneities on Magnetic Props of TF
  I.11 R. Gago B-C-N Compounds Grown by Ion Beam Assisted Evaporation
39 I.16 P. Pianetta Sychrotron Rad TXRF of Metals on Si wafers
61 TF01.02 J. Huerta Observation of TSD and MBE Growth by Light Scattering
26 TF01.03 D. Stifter RDS of N-doped ZnTe by MBE
83 TF01.11 A. Zehe Ion beam irradiation of thin CaF2 films
17 TF01.12 A. Guillen-Cervantes GaAs Surface Ox Desorp by Annealing In UHV
25 TF01.15 V.H. Mendez-Garcia Improved ZnSe on Si(111) N surface Treatment
58 TF02.02 K. Mae Growth variations of TF on Nanofaceted Substrates
20 TF02.06 E. Moyano MCT Epi Films Discrete Solution of Diffusion Eq
18 TF03.03 M. Garcia-Hernandez Coulomb Blockade in TF Magnetoresistive Manganites
73 TF04.01 A. Lastras-Martinez Linear Electrooptic reflectance Modulated Spectra of GaAs
87 TF04.02 A. Mahmood Dependency of reactive magnetron sputtered SiC film quality on the deposition parameters
13 TF04.13 A. Piegari UV Graded Coatings: Different Surface Optical Performance
32 TF04.14 F. Somma Growth Struct and Optics of CsI/PbI Coevap Films
51 TF04.15 T. Minami TC ITO:Zn by Magnetron
31 TF04.16 T. Miyata Mn Activated GaO EL Phosphor films by various methods
16 TF04.28 S.J. Castillo Struct, Opt, Elect Props of In/CdS Glass Annealed
59 TF04.34 M. Fuentes-Cabrera Theory of Struct Electr, Vibr props of CdInTe4
81 TF04.42 J.M. Yanez-Limon Preparation and Characterization ...sol-gel glasses
56 TF04.46 P. Prosposito Organically Mod. Sol Gel films doped with IR Dyes
63 TF04.53 G. Santana Structural Properties of ZnO CdO films by Spray Pyrolysis
22 TF04.54 H. Azucena-Coyotecatl Optical Spect of Near surface Excitonic States
70 TF04.55 L.R. Cruz CdTe by Stacked Elemental Layer Method
52 TF05.01 F. Ferrieu Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of SiGe/Si: proc. control
1 TF08.04 H. Kinoshita Formation of Conductive DLC using Plasma
11 TF08.05 R.D. Mansano CH4 Effect on DLC by Sputtering
46 TF08.09 E. Camps Electron Evaporation of C using High Density Plasma
  TF08.13 F. Ghezzi  
30 TF09.01  A. Fundora Deposit and Charact of PMNT Films
23 TF09.02 C. Ballesteros Relation bw ustructure and Supercond in 123 Films
49 TF09.04 R.H Horng IrO films by Sputtering
19 TF09.07 A. de Andreas Influence of Microstruct on Magnetoresistance
85 TF09.08 G.A. Hirata Ferroelectric BaSrTi0 thin films for DRAMs applications
72 TF09.09 S.J. Kang Fatigue and Dielectric Props of (PbLa)TiO3
86 TF09.11 E. Diaz-Valdes BiPbSrCaCuO/MgO superconducting thin films
37 TF09.17 J.C. Cheang-Wong RBS of Bi-based Superconductors
43 TF10.05 M. Estrada High Rate a-SiH from SiH4 and SiH4 in H2
69 TF11.01 S. Acquaviva CN By Reactive Laser Ablation
  TF11.03 M. Aceves Duality MOS-PN Junction in the Al/Si Rich Oxide/Si Structure as a Radiation Sensor
65 TF11.08 J.L. Pena CdTeInTe Pseudobinary in polycrystalline CdTe-In films
54 TF11.09 C.K. Chung Electrical Props of Ir Silicide on p-Si in UHV
3 TF11.11 D.S. Wuu Characterization of TaRu thin films for ink jet heaters
12 TF11.13 M. Sirena Thickness Dep of LaSrMnO3 TF
14 TF11.17 M. Jergel Exicimer Laser Teated Ag/Co Multilayers making GMR
53 TF11.19 T. Laurila Stability of Ta Diff Barrier Between Cu and Si
79 TF11.26 T G. Kryshtab The influence of TiB2 thin film thickness on metal GaAs 
35 TF11.35 C. Cruz-Vazquez Elect and Spectroscop Props of a-CuS treated with iodides
62 TF11.38 R.D. Gould Conduction in Lead Phthalocyanine with Al Electrodes
21 TF11.50 S. Chromik Prep of precursor BaCaCuOF Films 
64 TF11.52 R. Castro-Rodriguez Strain Gradients in Polycrystalline CdS Thin Films
4 TF11.59 F. Paraguay Doping on ZnO gas sensor to Ethanol
76 TF11.68 S. Novak Study of Morphology of Composite Films
78 TF11.73 J. Luyo-Alvarado Characterization of ZnSe films grown on GaAs Substrates ..
24 TF12.02 N.A. Sanchez Characterization of DLC TF by RF Magnetron
33 TF12.05 C.J. Tavares Structure of TiAlN on Mo
6 TF12.06 E. Camps uWave Plasma Characts in Steel Nitriding
5 TF12.09 J. Esteve Mech and Tribol. Props of WC Sput Coatings
Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencia de Superficies y Vacio A.C.
XX Congreso Nacional de la SMCSyV


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