Ten years of Superficies y Vacío

Starting in 1989, Superficies y Vacío (SyV) has been publishing national and international research articles under a rigorous refereeing process in the areas cultivated by the Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencias de Superficies y Vacío (SMCSV, Mexican Society for Surface Science, Vacuum and their Applications). SyV has been a vehicle to disseminate the research of our colleagues. It has had ups and downs and suffered the country’s economical misfortunes. SyV has not been free of the difficulties that many national journals often face: lack of appropriate economical support and undervaluation. However, the response of our active community, the real measure of the impact of SyV, is reflected in the publication of this Vol. 8, which introduces two new features. First, the enthusiastic participation as guest editors of Miguel Meléndez-Lira and Máximo López-López, members of the board of directors of the SMCSV, who have been responsible of practically the whole edition of this volume. The second and very important feature, the publication of the full volume in the Web in pdf format. This means instant access of the full manuscripts at international level.

With this issue I leave my duties as editor of Superficies y Vacío, sometimes it was quite a hard job to compile the manuscripts and obtain the money for a new issue, but it was very rewarding once it was published. I want to acknowledge all of you who contributed to SyV by sending manuscripts, helping to the edition, refereeing papers and also reading and citing published articles in SyV. I am very confident that the new editors have the enthusiasm, responsibility and competence necessaries to bring this publication one step further and fulfill the requirements of our community of a continuously improved publication.

Isaac Hernández Calderón

Editor 1989-1999

We would like to thank all contributors and referees who made possible the publication of this volume. We are committed to continue the initial work done by Isaac Hernández Calderón editing Superficies y Vacio. We think our society is mature enough to publish SyV at least twice a year. Therefore, we ask for your support to reach this goal. We will do our best to preserve the high standards of this publication.

We are inviting you to continue invigorating this publication with your contributions, please extend this invitation to all the community.

Finally we would like to thank the economical support of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados del IPN granted through the Physics Department, and the highly professional work of Mrs. Diana García Sotelo in the preparation of this issue.

Máximo López- López and Miguel Angel Meléndez Lira

New Editors

México, april 1999