20Congreso Nacional 
Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencia de Superficies y Vacío A.C.

Dielectric and Optical Characteristics of Metallic Oxide Films

Ciro Falcony
Physics Department,Cinvestav IPN
Apdo. Postal 14-740, 07000 México DF, México
In sabbatical leave at Material Science Department, ESFM-IPN

Metallic oxide films have been used in wide range of applications, however they have had a key role as dielectric films in the development of integrated microelectronics. This has been the case of silicon dioxide films which at great extent have made possible the high degree of integration achieved by the silicon based technology. The main characteristics of this films are high dielectric breakdown fields and low electronic interface states. The relevance of other physical properties depend on the specific type of application. Intermetallic dielectric layers require, for example, a low dielectric constant while gate dielectric layers would require a high dielectric constant. Therefore a modification of these properties is required and this goal can be achieved by modifying the chemical composition or by using completely different oxides. The use of  fluorine and nitrogen as well as different kinds of oxide such as aluminum and yttrium will be reviewed, stressing the characteristics which would imply an advantage over the use of straight silicon dioxide in a given application.

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