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Properties of zinc oxide thin films doped with several elements (Al,Cr,Ag)  deposited by spray pyrolysis.

D.R. Acosta1, A.Maldonado2, la. L. Olvera2, R.Asomoza 2
1IFUNAM A.P. 20-364, México D.F.
2CINVESTAV-IPN; A.P. 14740. 07000 México D.F.

       The influence of  metals doping on the physical properties of ZnO  thin films deposited  by the chemical spray pyrolysis method, is presented. In particular we study the doping with Al, Cr and Ag incorporated in the starting solution. The influences in optical and electrical properties is a subject of intense studies in several laboratories due to the expected enhancement of the intrinsic physical  properties of the ZnO. In this work we present a comparative study  of structural, morphological and topological properties  of doped ZnO thin films from data obtained using conventional and high resolution electron microscopy together with scanning electron microscopy. The  details observed were correlated when possible with parameters and  deposition conditions used for each case. For ZnO:Cr thin films, also the influence of doping  concentration  in  the starting solution in the  chemical stability of deposited thin films was studied.  Additionally the optical and electrical properties  of the diverse ZnO: M  (M= Al. Cr, Ag) thin films deposited are compared and discussed.

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