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Highly efficient individually addressable diode bars for printing applications
I. Hernández, I. Berishev, S. Wilson, S. Lopez, V. Nugyen, F. Malarayap, T. Dearmin and A. Ovtchinnikov
Lasertel Inc., 7775 N. Casa Grande Hwy, Tucson, AZ 85743, USA

Over 55% power efficiency in 830 nm wavelength range has been demonstrated for four-element individually addressable laser diode mini-arrays. Diodes’ performance indicates excellent uniformity and quality of MBE-grown laser diodes. Slope efficiencies of 1.3 W/A and over 1.6 W CW optical outputs at 1.5 A driving current have been achieved from each of the four 55 mm wide aperture diodes constituting the mini-arrays.

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